Frequently Asked Questions to South Tyneside Citizens Advice

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I was very worried about my case and the staff put everything right for me, they were very kind and considerate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What types of voluntary work can i do with the CAB?


Volunteer advisers, who provide advice and information to members of the public. Gateway/telephone assessors who diagnose the problem and offer options to help solve the problem. Receptionists who "meet and greet" clients and allocate the daily advice appointments. Trustee Board members, who do not work with the public but undertake a corporate governance/strategic role.

Q How much time would i have to give?

A Advice workers are asked to give 2 x 4 hours per week. Reception volunteers are asked to give 4 hours per week. Board members meet once every 2 months for 2 - 3 hours and may be asked to assist with working groups etc.

Q What qualifications do I need to volunteer?

A For advice work no qualifications are necessary, as training will be provided. For other roles relevant experience/skills will be discussed on an individual basis.

Q Do you pay expenses?

A We reimburse public transport expenses or petrol costs to and from your home address. For volunteers who live outside the North Tyneside area we pay the proportion from North Tyneside borders to the office.

Q How old do I have to be to be a volunteer?

A The minimum age for volunteering is 16.

Q Can I volunteer if I am claiming benefits?

A Volunteering does not affect entitlement to benefits, provided that you continue to meet the criteria of entitlement to the benefit you are claiming. As the work is voluntary no payments are made to you - we only reimburse actual expenses incurred by you in the course of your volunteering. We advise that you tell the benefits agency that you are volunteering with our CAB.

Q How do I apply?

A Download application form from here. We will contact you within 10 working days.