South Tyneside Citizens Advice Case Study: Mrs B

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Thank You, you helped me very much and I could not have dealt with my problem alone.

Case Study

Mrs B

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Mrs B suffered anxiety and depression following the death of her husband and claimed Employment & Support Allowance from the Department for Work & Pensions. Mrs B was sent for a medical examination by the Department for Work & Pensions’ Health Care Professional who deemed that Mrs B was fit for work and therefore no longer entitled to Employment & Support Allowance, which was stopped.

Mrs B visited the Bureau and was assisted to challenge the Department for Work & Pensions decision through an unsuccessful Mandatory Reconsideration followed by an appeal to an independent Tribunal. The Bureau also assisted Mrs B in claiming benefits to ensure she continued to have a weekly income.

The Bureau assisted Mrs B to prepare her case and gather medical evidence to support her case. The Bureau went on to represent her at the Tribunal which overturned the Department for Work & Pensions decision that she was fit for work.

Mrs B was placed back onto the full rate of Employment & Support Allowance and was paid £1,000 in arrears.

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